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  2. Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. hinted that Rappler CEO Maria Ressa could be guilty of “aiding and abetting” illegal drugs even if her criticism against President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war was sincere. “In Marxist legal theory, one who, out of sincerest conviction, stands in the way of or discredits reforms (such as the total extermination of the drug trade) is objectively guilty of aiding and abetting the said criminal activity,” said Locsin in tweet. He was quoting from “Humanism and Terror: An Essay on the Communist Problem” by Merleau Ponty published in 1947. Locsin was responding to a tweet by @MsMarisseGarcia who said: “As a Filipino, I hold Maria Ressa @mariaressa accountable for destroying the image of my country. https://politics.com.ph/marxist-theory-teddy-locsin-hints-rapplers-ressa-could-be-guilty-of-abetting-drug-lords/
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    Support Divorce Law - Philippines

    Yes to divorce! People are waiting for this. We believed the sacrament of marriage but if the marriage is abusive and unhappy there will be no point, we wanted to be alive for our children not to be someones punching bag at the end of the day. Approve divorce now.
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    Support Divorce Law - Philippines

    dun po sa mga taong ayaw sa divorce edi wag niyo.hndi naman po ibig sabihin na kapag naipasa yung divorce law ay kailangan niyong makiuso.wag naman sana tayong selfish.kng masaya kayo sa married life niyo masaya din kami para sa inyo.pero sana pabayaan din natin sumaya yung mga taong minsan nagkamali.una sa lahat wala po perpektong tao.lahat ngkakamali at karamihan gusto itama ang pagkakamali.pangalwa sana maging open minded na tayo,year 2019 na wag naman sana igaya yung noon sa ngaun.malaki na ang pinagkaiba ng generation ngayon.at ikatlo isipin niyo sana yung pamilya nyo.maaring sa ngayon masaya kayo sa family niyo,pero diba wala nga perfect.maaring sa mga susunod n generation ng family niyo makaranas ng di magandang married life.wag tayong selfish.Kung tiwala kayo na matibay ang pundasyon ng marriage niyo wala kayong dapat ikatakot sa Divorce law! Let us support Divorce Law and support the senatorial candidates that will support us!
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    Support Divorce Law - Philippines

    we all know that most of the senators who will run for the senate are rich and famous and this is one of the reasons that they would oppose to the bill,but how about the average earning women like me that sufferes from yhis crucial state,we musy be totally free to use our own family names and be able to live with the life that we all long for,thats why dear senators you should think of those that are less fortunate,please we ask tou to pust through with the divorce bill.
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    Support Divorce Law - Philippines

    To our senators, please be open minded to create the divorce law. Let the battered and abandoned women like me who are still tied on the dead marrige be free. Let us remove the surename that always reminds us that we had the biggest mistake of our life. Let us start a new life. OPEN YOUR MIND PLEASE! SUPPORT DIVORCE!
  7. PolitikoTopics

    Save Toledo City - daghang basura. 

    Kinsa man ang leader nga angayan para sa pag-bangon sa syudad. 1. Perales 2. Dydee 3. Lao 4. Cavada
  8. https://www.facebook.com/divorcebreakingnews/ The House of Representatives on March 19, 2018 approved on third and final reading a bill which seeks to legalize absolute divorce and dissolution of marriage in the country. Voting 134 for and 57 against, with two abstaining, the lawmakers approved House Bill No. 7303 – “An Act Instituting Absolute Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage in the Philippines.”
  9. https://politics.com.ph/gma-2000-families-displaced-by-manila-bay-cleanup-to-be-relocated/ More than 2,000 families to be displaced by the ongoing cleanup of Manila Bay have been assured of land by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA). This came during the hearing of the oversight committee on housing called by Arroyo to address the delay in the release of titles to the recipients of urban poor housing proclamations she issued when she was president. During the hearing, it was revealed that more than 2,000 families living in a property owned by PPA in Isla Puting Bato will be displaced because of the ongoing rehabilitation of Manila Bay.
  10. President Rodrigo Duterte hates drug addicts so much he wishes hospitals will stop accepting them in emergency rooms and just leave them to bleed to death. “Iyong mga adik dito ba patay na lahat? Kasi po ang utos ko kay (Health) Secretary (Francisco) Duque na ‘pag ang nagsaksakan, nagbarilan puro adik, huwag nang tanggapin. Itapon ko na lang diyan sa daan kung saan,” said Duterte in his speech during the opening of the new San Lazaro Hospital in Malabon City. Duterte has launched a bloody drug which has targeted not only drug lords and drug pushers but also the drug addicts because of the gruesome crimes they commit. https://politics.com.ph/itapon-na-lang-kung-saan-duterte-wishes-hospitals-will-reject-drug-addicts/
  11. “[F]or their efforts, they want to ask or buy from our government the sand that they will dig up from our rivers. They will ship the sand to China to be used for their land reclamation projects,” he said in his February 2 column for the Manila Times. https://politics.com.ph/gagamitin-sa-reclamation-ng-spratlys-mon-tulfo-chinese-company-offering-to-dredge-ph-waterways-for-free-in-exchange-for-sand/
  12. MANILA — The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has included the use of social media propaganda in the rules and regulations of Republic Act No. 9006, known as the “Fair Elections Act”, for the May 13 mid-term elections. “Each registered political party and candidate shall register with the Education and Information Department of the Comelec, the website name and web address of the official blog and/or social media page of such political party or candidate,” the poll body said in Resolution No. 10488, promulgated on January 30 and made public on Saturday. It added that other blog or social media page that is endorsing a candidate will be considered as another blog or social media page of the latter. https://politics.com.ph/comelec-expands-monitoring-to-include-candidates-facebook-instagram-twitter-accounts/
  13. <img src="https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/files/2019/02/netizen-manila-bay-post.png" alt="Inquirer-Netizen-Manila-Bay"> Source: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1080963/netizen-catches-students-littering-at-newly-cleaned-manila-bay
  14. Source: POLITIKO He was asked point blank by Enriquez if has the money to bankroll a senatorial campaign. Enriquez said the political reality was that human rights lawyers like Diokno do not get rich from their work and candidates need a lot of money to stand a chance of winning. But Diokno said people should shake off this belief that “money rules” in politics. “You cannot allow that to happen, dapat hindi natin tatanggapin ;yan. Dahil ang may ari ng mga puwesto na yan ay hindi naman sila ang may-ari ng mga puwesto na iyan ang taongbayan. Kaya nga tayo nagkakaroon ng halalan at kaya mahalaga ang boto dahil tayo ang nagluloklok kung sino ang uupo diyan. I cannot accept na sabihin lang natin ay dahil wala kang pera hindi ka mananalo,” said Diokno.
  15. Source: POLITIKO 1-Ang Edukasyon Partylist Rep. Salvador Belaro urged the bicameral conference committee for the proposed 2019 General Appropriations Act (GAA) to keep intact pay hike for teachers and other government personnel. Belaro appealed to the members of the House contingent in the Bicam the ensure funding for the scheduled fourth tranche of the salary standardization increases for 30,000 faculty in the state universities and colleges (SUCs) down to about 700,000 teachers in public school basic education, and for other government employees. The party-list solon is hopeful that the delay in the pay hikes because of the briefly re-enacted budget will be limited to this month of January. Belaro noted the Senate has approved the funding this year’s component of National Budget Circular 61 under their version of the 2019 GAA. “For the good of the national economy, it is my hope that the 2019 budget can indeed take effect in February so that any slowdown in government spending this month can be offset and economic targets for 2019 can be achieved,” said Belaro.
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